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Illuminati gay rappers EXPOSED!!!!!!

CAITLYN JENNER IS NOT A WOMAN - PERIOD - Illuminati Agenda To Eliminate Gender Roles & The Family

The Truth May Scare You (Part 12) - TheRealBigWes Edition

Famous People Past and Present In Illuminati Secret Cult:

Aalyiah - Illuminati
Adele - Illuminati
Al Gore - Illuminati
Alan Greenspan - Illuminati
Alicia Keys - Illuminati
Anna Nicole Smith - Illuminati
Andrew W. Mellon - Illuminati
Angelina Jolie - Illuminati
Aretha Franklin - Illuminati
Ariana Grande - Illuminati
Avril Lavigne - Illuminati
Barack Obama - Illuminati
Ben Bernanke - Illuminati
Beyonce Knowles - Illuminati
Bill Clinton - Illuminati
Bill Gates - Illuminati
Blue Ivy - Illuminati
Bob Dylan - Illuminati
Bob Hope - Illuminati
Bono (from U2) - Illuminati
Boxcar Willie - Illuminati
Britney spears - Illuminati
Bruce Jenner (AKA Caitlyn Marie Jenner ) - Illuminati
Cash Money/Young Money Records - Illuminati
Celine Dion - Illuminati
Charles, Prince of Wales - Illuminati
Chris Brown - Illuminati
Christina Aguilera - Illuminati
Ciara - Illuminati
Clifford Dupont - Illuminati
Cristiano Ronaldo - Illuminati
Cypress hill - Illuminati
Darren Brown - Illuminati
David bowie - Illuminati
Dick Cheney - Illuminati
Disturbed - Illuminati
Dr. Dre - Illuminati
Drake - Illuminati
Eminem - Illuminati
George W. Bush Sr. & Jr. - Illuminati
Gordon Brown - Illuminati
Guy de Rothschild - Illuminati
Henry Kissinger - Illuminati
Hillary Rodham Clinton - Illuminati
Hugo Weaving - Illuminati
Hulk Hogan - Illuminati
Iggy Azalea - Illuminati
Jay-Z - Illuminati
Jennifer Anistan
Jennifer Hudson - Illuminati
Jennifer Lopez - Illuminati
Jim Carey - Illuminati
John Cena - Illuminati cm punk - Illuminati
John D. Rockefeller - Illuminati
John Travolta - Illuminati
Joseph Stalin - Illuminati
Justin Bieber - Illuminati
Kanye West - Illuminati
Katty Parry - Illuminati
Keith Urban - Illuminati
Kendall Jenner -Illuminati
Ke$ha - Illuminati
Kevin Nash - Illuminati
Kid Cudi - Illuminati
Kim Kardashian - Illuminati
Kobe Bryant - Illuminati
Kris Angel - Illuminati
Kris Kristofferson - Illuminati
Kyle Monogue - Illuminati
Laddy Gaga - Illuminati
L'arc en Ciel - Illuminati
Laruku from Japan - Illuminati
Lebron James - Illuminati
Lil Wayne - Illuminati
Lindsey Lohan - Illuminati
Lyndon B. Johnson - Illuminati
Linkin Park - Illuminati
Liverpool FC - Illuminati
Lana Del Rey - Illuminati
Madonna - Illuminati
Manchster UTD - Illuminati
Marilyn Manson - Illuminati
Mary Astor - Illuminati
Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen (Olsen Twins) - Illuminati
Michael Jackson (Former member turned against Illuminati)
Mikhail Gorbachev - Illuminati
Miley Cyrus - Illuminati
Nas - Illuminati
Natalie Portman - Illuminati
Nelson Mandela - Illuminati
Ne-Yo - Illuminati
Nicki Minaj - Illuminati
Notorious B.I.G - Illuminati
One Direction - Illuminati
P. Diddy (aka Puff Daddy) - Illuminati
P-Square Twins - Illuminati
Paris Hilton- Illuminati
Paul Mccartney - Illuminati
Paul Mkenna - Illuminati
Prince Andrew, Duke of York - Illuminati
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh - Illuminati
Princess Anne, Duchess of Calabria - Illuminati
Queen Elizabeth - Illuminati
Randy Orton - Illuminati
Richard Nixon - Illuminati
Ronald Reagan - Illuminati
Real Betis - Illuminati
Rihanna - Illuminati
Robert Colin Boyd - Illuminati
Scott Hall - Illuminati
Sean Waltmen - Illuminati
Selena Perez - Illuminati
Serena Williams - Illuminati
Taylor Swift - Illuminati
Taylor Momsen - Illuminati
T pain - Illuminati
Ted Kennedy - Illuminati
The Dudley Boys - Illuminati
The Mizz - Illuminati
THE POPE! (Jewish Satanist!) - Illuminati
The White Stripes - Illuminati
Tom Cruise - Illuminati
Tony Blair - Illuminati
Tupac Shakur (but then turned against them)
Vitas (Russian Male Singer) - Illuminati
Warren Buffet - Illuminati
Whitney Houston (former member with claims of being murdered by Illuminati)
William F. Buckley, Jr. - Illuminati
Will Smith - Illuminati
Willow Smith (quoted as "Next Illuminati Star")
Wiz Khalifa - Illuminati
YeahYeahYeahs - Illuminati

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